July 7, 2022 5:21 pm

7/5/22 Workout

Today's Workout going to be based around forming the straddle planche position, feeding some of the joints in the lower body, and some sprinting. Always sprinting.

I am playing a round of golf tomorrow morning so I am going to lubricate my wrist and shoulder joint in my warm up.

Starting off with some wrist mobility in a quadruped position. Hitting ulnar and radial deviation, finger extension, wrist flexion and extension.

A good lizard crawl a few times up and back on the Planet Fitness floor.

3x5 Scap Pushups

4 sets Pseudo Planche Lean to Failure

4x30 sec each of 1 Arm Planks

4x8 DB Front Raises and Lateral Raises

2x50 Prone Superman with Backwards Arm Circles

3x10 each Split Stance Iso Hold with Trunk Rotations

3x30 Heels Up Squats

5x30 yd Sprints