June 6, 2022 8:12 pm

The Lost Vitality of the American Corporate Corner Office

We need a newfound, simple sense of competition in our workforce. Corporate America is groaning pessimism over the US economy it sells everyday. Elon Musk is slightly short circuiting over how poor May sales reports signal an impending recession in the auto industry. And any day now, casinos and sports venues will have to quit offering off the block chefs 10k bonuses to drop fries and sling club sandwiches in their kitchens as the dust settles from the gambling boom. The worker's union at Starbucks continues to retaliate upon retaliation. Jobs will go missing. Yet the thing with America is this. America needs a large section of its motherland to stimulate economic growth by just waking up, buying coffee, selling cars, doing a fun lunch and remembering to take their prescription, before knocking out some afternoon follow up and pipeline tasks. If they're pulling out of the business park and plaza promptly at 4:40pm, life is good. If this beautiful bastion of a work week is to be lost forever in the sands of time, fine. But Corporate American, can you at least try one more angle to perhaps inspire some zeal or hope in the classic simplicity of the American dream? Can we try to build optimism by marketing and branding a new vision of what it means to be a corner office high level executive? There is still something deeply inspiring about the idea of blasting out of your corner office, fresh off of bottomless ribs and 4 diet Doctor Pepper's at Uno's Chicago to get that quick run down from your office administrator to knock out those action items in your temperature controlled corner office! Can we just please try and communicate the electricity that is corporate power, that can only be understood through working out a cold call list, alone, in a corner office with a park view? Priceless. Sometimes it's good that people know where you are. Especially if you're working in your corner office. Millennials may be driving this remote work push but I think if they knew the amenities of a serious action corporate corner office the time could come where a value shift is made. You can do it, Corporate America, market those empty corner offices like Arby's markets their sandwiches. Boldly and on television.