November 11, 2021 8:28 pm

Exploring The Intersectionality of Imposter Syndrome and My Fitness Training

If my day dreams had a roster limit, fitness goals would make the team every season on a full scholarship. Crushing fitness vlogs was my number one guilty pleasure from 2018 through the end of 2019. Now, weirdly,  I face imposter syndrome when writing my next fitness program. I often feel my programming is incomplete, and in turn I focus on trying to research and compile "it". "It" being the perfectly balanced, trendy, and sustainable workout program. The consequences of such a phenomena are that of total passivity. AKA, not ending up training at all. Yet, what does it even mean for anything in life to be balanced, trendy, and sustainable when it comes to processes of self-improvement? Is the search insane? To neutralize the absurdly paralyzing effect, I wrote my next fitness program in light of EXACTLY what I actually want, not what I think is super cute or capable of going viral: If you struggle with shrunken chest syndrome...well that's what I'm trying to avoid with this

The program above is all about the top shelf. The upper body. Some may think it vain, yet truthfully it's the most sustainable plan I have had in years. Years!

I want a strong, muscular chest with pecs so developed you could eat an order of tuna nigiri right off it. I want ridiculously jacked shoulders. I want a back so robust that the phrase "we'll see how this goes..." never is uttered again by these lips at the driving range again.

The amount of leg volume I have is more than enough to maintain what I already got. Outside of upper body gains, I am most excited to train my feet, as you see everyday I begin with a crucial 2 to 3 sets of drop ins.

Let's go. Findings to come, I have never done a program with such a lopsided focus, yet I feel so secure in the exercise selection and goal. In 28 days I will be a bit more jacked and way lighter on my feet. We nailed the foot discussion in our interview of Peter Bocchino as well if you want to check that out here: Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on google Google+