October 10, 2021 7:41 pm

What is Sharp Lid?

We get a lot of questions about what we're doing with Sharp Lid and what our brand is about. For the longest time we kept the concept loose and up for debate. After nearly a year of long conversations and experimenting with a lot of ideas, the Sharp Lid brand has become to take on a less abstract form.

Our fundamental belief is that us humans are nothing but a product of our training, experiences, and time spent in thoughtful reflection. That not only includes competition in sports, but also social interactions and relationships, job interviews, problem solving ability, everything... Through Sharp Lid, we're interested in how to leverage that knowledge into content that is both helpful and entertaining.

We'll publicize our curiosities in several ways. We will be interviewing lots of people who are dedicated to their craft, as well as documenting our own personal journeys and what we learn along the way. In the future, we plan on promoting creative projects that dig into culture, evaluate trends, and sharpen our lenses.

Sharp Lid aims to offer the most complete lifestyle brand possible. We want to provide entertainment, and enhance your living experience with different perspectives. There is an audience out there that would like to get into the weeds and learn both the practical and theoretical details about many topics in life. Unlike other lifestyle content producers, we're going to focus less on the best lamp shades to compliment your living room or the latest celebrity gossip, and instead explore the philosophy behind all the different facets of our own lifestyles.