June 6, 2021 7:55 pm

Order these 2 sushi rolls to discover if YOUR city’s sushi restaurants are worth your money!

My dedication to the sushi game began in the summer of 2015. My oldest sister schlepped me up route 27 to Sushi King, a NJ favorite with sashimi available and an all-you-can-eat menu. Fast forward 2 presidencies, and I’ve eaten like a deranged king at dozens and dozens of sushi restaurants ever since. 

They say experts have thousands of hours of practice in their field of craft. Having eaten thousands of sushi rolls myself I have discovered two different rolls on any sushi menu that immediately allow even a first time sushi pal’s palette to know if your night out will be one of royalty or regret. 

Roll 1: Rainbow Roll

Serving Size: 3-5 pieces

Inside Profile: Crab stick or imitation crab

Outside Pattern: Tuna, White Tuna, Avocado, Salmon, Singular Shrimp 

It’s critical to get halfway through this roll to make your call. That inside profile just needs to be sweet, and almost light as you chew through. Imitation crab is to the rainbow roll as coleslaw is to the cheeseburger. Absolutely necessary to the integrity of the dish, yet any hint of sour or grainy crabmeat will ruin a roll just like a 8 day old monkey dish of coleslaw. Light and sweet. Light and Sweet. 

I established the point in the first Sooshi Report, but on your outside pattern, we’re needing the tuna and salmon to simply melt in our mouth with no gamy aftertastes. Like a wedding officiant, our fish here just needs to be smooth and stay out of the way of itself. A good snap on the singular piece of shrimp will round out the pattern, leaving you and your party with a scouting report so comprehensive you’ll take on the rest of the menu with poise and grace.

Roll 2: House Recommended Roll

Serving Size: Whole roll

Inside Profile: TBD

Outside Pattern: TBD

Remember at this point we’re feeling assured of good sushi. There should be hot sake going around. We should feel loose, settled in, confident in both ordering capability and the general menu, we know our most basic elements to any roll are truly A+ sushi grade. 

As your server approaches the table for another order, gingerly, almost sheepishly, ask…”what roll do you recommend most?” Order two of those for the table. This is the biggest power move any sushi pal can execute for maximum momentum around the table with his/her party. Now in the driver’s seat, steer your party through that entire menu and have a night. Here’s to eating hard. 

Sushi Den of Denver’s Platt Park neighborhood features the beautiful Red Dragon Roll as one of its most signature sooshees. Spicy tuna, mayo & jalapeno mix with cucumber & avocado on the inside, topped with seared tuna, sriracha tataki dressing and cilantro Rainbow Roll Cucumber will make you feel things at 1487-A South Pearl St, Denver, CO, 80210.