June 6, 2021 3:55 pm

Jason Kokrak’s Memorial Day BBQ to rock NE Ohio harder than 2016 Cavaliers championship parade

"In Northeast Ohio, nothing is given. Everything is earned. You work for what you have." 

-LeBron James 

-Jason Kokrak

What an absolute savage. Kokrak merrily chirped his competition on Saturday, making it known he’d be happy to beat Jordan Spieth in the Big D at Colonial Country Club for his second career win on the PGA Tour. What came next is glorious history. After likely crushing a bottle or two of 2016 Chateau Margaux, and a sack of nacho cheese Doritos, Kokrak woke up ready to roll; he victoriously ball struck and putted his way to a low key groindy 70 and is taking over 1.3 mil back to the party in Cleveland. 

I just wonder if I could handle that celebration BBQ. Kokrak’s not in the field for the Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village this week (stay tuned for those picks) so I’m thinking bourbon, wine, pierogis, repeat for appetizers. I’d be loving life at this point. I’d be swigging water and eating anything in front of me. 

Quick aside- Jason is an all tour drinker. It’s been rumored that if you casually golf with him, expect an ambulance ride because of his ability to simultaneously house bourbon and find fairways. 

Then for dinner? Surf and turf. Local ribeye, tender largemouth bath, and more wine. What goes well with the lemon risotto? More wine. By end of dinner, I’d set the over at 11.5 consumed bottles. If they didn’t ask me to leave after appetizers then I am completely buckled by now. So yeah, I’d be groggily saying some goodbyes after being woken up on the toilet at 8:45pm. But Kokrak, just like the rest of his season on tour, would just be getting started. Huge daps and baby snaps to my guy Jason Kokrak.